LayerLabz Pro Printer

LayerLabz visit Malahide Community School


3D-Printing in School

Here at LayerLabz we love design… and we believe that 3D-Printers are crucial tools to in the design process.

Our 3D-Printers are designed in Ireland specifically for use in the Classroom or Workshop of a School or College.

The “LayerLabz Pro” has a large build area that dwarfs the market leaders and a fully enclosed lockable design for safety in the Classroom or Workshop.
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3D Printers

We have designed our machines, for use in Schools & Colleges. With a focus on safety and reliability while in use by multiple parties, the “LayerLaz Pro” will make the perfect addition to your classroom.
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Our machines are optimized for use with PolyLactic Acid (PLA) a biodegradable, durable and safe material that is easy to print with. We have a choice of over 10 colours in stock with a wider range available on request.
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Cura is an open source and free software,
widely praised for its user friendliness
and ease of use.
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Are you interested in 3D Printing ? Want to build your own 3D Printer ? or just refresh your skills? Why not sign up to our 3D-Printing Basics, Intermediate, Masterclass or Build your own printer courses. Book here!

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