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Layer Labz

LayerLabz is a desktop 3D printing Solutions Company.  Providing high quality prototyping solutions and servicing into the Educational market. Are machines are cost effective and built with state of the art materials. We run training courses for customers in best practices for using 3D printers. Catering mainly to the educational institution market LayerLabz seeks to inspire a paradigm shift in the way rapid prototyping takes place, by lowering the cost and risk of using and maintaining the machines we hope to make 3D printing more accessible to end users.


3D Printers

Choose from our wide range of 3D printer options designed and manufactured in Ireland. We provide LayerLabz Pro 3D printers in kit, assembled and starter pack options. We also provide training and service options for our printers.


Choose from over 10 different colours of filament, for your LayerLabz Pro 3D printer. PLA is a bio degradable plastic used for 3D printing that is strong, durable and easy to print with.


Easily upgrade your LayerLabz Pro to dual nozzle, or simply buy tape and spare parts. Customise your printer to use smaller nozzles and print very fine quality parts.


Cura is free & open source.
Cura making 3D printing as easy and streamlined as possible.
Cura is best In class software for 3D printing, widely praised by its users.
It includes everything you need to prepare a 3D file for printing.
Cura slices a 3D model in layers, this way your 3D printer knows which layers to print.

3D Printer Masterclass

Are you an Engineer? Designer? Architect? or just someone with a keen interest in 3D printing or robotics? Are you interested in building your own 3D printer from scratch? If so LayerLabz is now the first company in Ireland running workshops to make your very own personal 3D printer.

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3D Printer